May 30, 2012

Title: Web Site Development
Organization: Individual - artist

I need a student to help me set up my artist site. I started putting a site together but I need help.

Set up the main page that includes a home, biography, galleries, events, order and contact.
Construct 4 galleries of artwork. Create links on web site to order. Each gallery will have an introduction. Each piece will have a picture of the artwork followed by original title, final image size, medium, material onto which it is placed, framed or unframed, and sometimes a statement about the artwork.
I need to have access to the web site in the future using Intuit or a common platform that I can easily find, inexpensive, and use.
Work out payment, shipping, and return policy (content to be provided). Access it to a credit card (my responsibility to have credit card).
Have a counter.  Have the ability to put sold on a piece of artwork.

I have most content but not all of it.  Edit content and make some comments.
Pick color scheme and font working with artist.
Perform building the web site is in this order:
1.       Set up the main site.
2.      Set up one of the galleries (Interiors). For 3 of the artwork will show original, posters, and cards. There are 13 pieces for gallery Interiors.
3.      Set up with prices and have access to a credit card.
4.      This is to begin working with one gallery.
5.      Next building the other galleries for art.
Perform at least the part listed above in 3 to 4 weeks.

I   have a new disability so patience and understanding is needed.
To be competed and set up in the future. Complete the entire list in 15 weeks.
I must have access to the web site.


All interns are expected to maintain a high-quality work ethic as they would with any other employer.
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