May 17, 2012


Job Description: is looking for audiobook editors who can work from home. Editors will be proofing the audio narration of business and fiction audio books doing quality control. The books are 6-10 hours in length. The audiobook editors will need to listen to the audio while following along with the script looking for any errors or mispronunciations from the voice over talent. They will need to keep a detail record using an Excel spread sheet and noting any errors they find.
Recommended Qualifications:
The ideal candidate will be very detailed oriented, have good listening skills, enjoys reading, can meet deadline expectations. Past editorial experience is a plus or people with an English, literature, linguistics, or communications major.
$15.00 per finished hour of the narrated audiobook. Audiobooks will range from 6-10 hours in length. Intern Hours + something great to put on your resume
Example: 8 hour audiobook will pay $120.
To Apply For This Position:
Please send your contact information to . Please let me know your availability and how many audio books you would be available to work on. You will need to be available during the month of June. We will be having a meeting with anyone who is interested at Metcom Studios on Friday, May 18th from 10:00 – 11:00am. Let me know if you will be able to make it to this meeting. Metcom is located on 352 S. 500 E. SLC, UT 84102.
Laura Gabour |  Description: VOLNLogo_New2009_nophone_Signiture
Twitter: @lauragabour & @voicesonlinenow
TF: 1.877.VOICES.1 (864-2371)
Direct: 801.994.6159    •    FAX: 801.322.3221          
Cell: 702.460.2430
352 South 500 East   •   Salt Lake City   •   Utah   •   84102

All interns are expected to maintain a high-quality work ethic as they would with any other employer.
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