April 3, 2012

Title: Paid Internship

Organization: Flash Seats

Duration: April 9 through May 7, 2012

What We Need:
  • We are seeking social, well-connected students to enhance a national social media campaign and online sweepstakes promotion. If selected, you’ll join an exciting team working to build brand awareness for Flash Seats and increase engagement. Flash Seats makes it easy for every fan to manage their tickets online. It's an electronic ticketing system that is simple, safe, and backed by your favorite team or venue.

Weekly Responsibilities:
  • Weekly Campus Brief –– Complete a one page form with information on upcoming campus events. Write a brief description of each event, including date, time, location and expected attendance.
  • Post one status update on your personal Facebook page about Flash Seats.
  • Post three comments on the Flash Seats Facebook page (e.g. comment on status updates, photos, video or other posts).

One-time Program Responsibilities:
  • Attend one campus event as a Flash Seats Brand Ambassador, and distribute ping pong balls at the event.
  • Post one photo on the Flash Seats Facebook page of you at a event such as a concert, sports game, or crowded campus event.
  • You will receive $100 upon completion of the program. There is an opportunity to make more once we see your one month performance.
How to apply:
  • We want to get an idea of your social media presence. You can do this by sending us anyone of these: your Klout.com score, Facebook page link to see a friend count, YouTube Channel, or Twitter Page. Also, please send a brief description of why you think you’re right for this program. You can apply sending an email to adam@campuscommandos.com

All interns are expected to maintain a high-quality work ethic as they would with any other employer.

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